Kayla Becker

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Ring Names Kayla Braxton
Born June 7, 1993 (27)
Wadley, Alabama
Billed Wadley, Alabama
Trained by
Debut December 21, 2016

Kayla Becker, known as Kayla Braxton is hired as an on-air personality for Smackdown.

Biography Edit

From mediating locker-room showdowns between hulking Superstars to securing exclusive backstage interviews, Kayla Braxton has mastered a variety of roles since joining the SmackDown broadcast team.

A graduate of Belmont University’s broadcast journalism program, Braxton came to sports-entertainment from the world of television news, having hosted her own entertainment segment on WESH 2 News in Orlando, Fla. Yet, addressing huge audiences is far from a recent development for Braxton: As a teenager, she participated in public-speaking competitions, and at the tender age of 17, Braxton even spoke in front of President George W. Bush at the White House.

Now that she is a member of the blue brand, Braxton is charged with getting backstage scoops and asking the tough questions, a demanding task she handles with aplomb on behalf of the passionate WWE Universe.  


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