Cherry is a former WWE Diva and former valet of Deuce & Domino. Cherry debuted in January 2007 on SmackDown. In 2008, Cherry participated and came in 2nd in the SmackDown Diva Competition. After the contest ended, Cherry was dumped by Deuce & Domino and replaced by Maryse. After her feud with Maryse ended, Cherry continued her singles career until she was released in August 2008. ProfileEdit

Cherry was, quite simply, America's sweetheart.

Best known for managing the team of Deuce 'n Domino, the beautiful blonde roller skated her way into the hearts of the WWE Universe in 2007. After guiding her bad boys to the WWE Tag Team Championship, Cherry and the greasers went their separate ways. This split allowed the "most innocent" Diva to shine in singles action with a little help from her friend, Michelle McCool.

The gorgeous Divas would tangle with the likes of Maryse and Natalya before twisting away from WWE in August 2008.


Cherry was released in August 2008 for unknown reasons.